Linked In For Job Search

In the past two months I have attended two LinkedIn workshop sessions with Victoria based social media guru, Juhli Selby. I am excited to share with you her top five tips for using LinkedIn for a successful job search. Drum roll, please….

Top Tip #1 – Ensure you have a professional photo on your profile. Julie recommends a proper head and shoulder shot.

Top Tip #2 – Ask people for recommendations. Use the recommendation section as mini letters of reference from your colleagues and supervisor so people viewing your profile get a sense of what your strengths are.

Top Tip #3 – Use LinkedIn like a Rolodex. If you are young enough to not know what that is, then think of it as a massive contact database. The more contacts you have, the better networked you will be.

Top Tip #4 – LinkedIn is one of the best ways to research companies of interest. “Follow” companies to gain further information or join relevant groups that people in the companies are a part of.

Top Tip #5 – Use accurate keywords in your headline. Your headline section is the first and only thing people will see when they conduct a search on the LinkedIn database. Ensure you have captured your key message and career objectives in your headline.

If you would like me to view your LinkedIn profile and offer feedback as to its effectiveness, please contact me. Happy networking!