Are You Playing To Your Strengths?

If I asked you: Are you playing to your strengths and doing it every day, what would you say? Would you have to think about it for a while or could you answer with a resounding “Yes!” Or would you want us to explain more about what we really mean by that phrase?

Playing to your strengths is doing work that you’re not only good at, but that you love.

Why is it important that we ask? Well, we know that people who focus on their strengths are more than 3 times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

Sounds good, right? But you know what? Sadly, Gallup research tells us that less than 20% of us have the opportunity to do what we do best every day. Ouch.

So, are you playing to your strengths every day? If not, are willing to take my help to get there?

Top Three Questions for a Strengths-Based Career

What kinds of activities are you doing in your career – each week, month, year – that make you feel strong? We recommend these top three questions to ask yourself when looking for a strengths-based career:

1. Can I use my strengths on a regular basis in this career?

2. Is this career consistent with my values?

3. Will I have an opportunity to do what I love to do in this career?

If your answer is No to any of these three questions, let’s talk!

Empowering Individuals

Possibilities Coaching focuses on helping you find work you love. I work with you to help you get promoted, find a new role in your current company, or even change your career completely. People hire a coach for many different reasons; below are some of the recent areas we have successfully worked with people to:

  • Change their current career after a lay-off,
  • Build one-to-one interview skills or critique their resume,
  • Return to work after being at home with children,
  • Establish a balanced work-life situation