How intelligent is your career?

In order to work optimally and be intelligent in our career, the experts say (and I agree with them) that we need the following:

  • We need to know our “why” – why are we working? Does the work we do reflect our values? Interest? Strengths? Do we find meaning and purpose in our work on a daily basis?
  • We need to know our “how” – how do you do your jobs? What skills and knowledge do you bring to your work? We continually need to improve on the how. In order to have career satisfaction we need to be lifelong learners and continue to address any skill gaps as we forward in our careers.
  • We need to know our “whom” – Whom do you want to work with? What are the relationships that can impact your career? Who do you want on your team? Who do you want to be managed by?

Pausing to examine these 3 things will allow you to craft a career that is the perfect fit for you. It will do so by allowing your different intelligences (intellectual, social, emotional) to inform and guide your process. This exercise will fuse your intelligences with your career and your career with your intelligence. Our culture doesn’t value this type of introspection, especially in hyper-competitive job markets, but I guarantee you that taking this time now will ensure you a rich and rewarding career and a harmonious work-life picture. Then you’ll win the job, meet the girl/guy, nail the promotion, be wildly happy and an inspiration to all. Cue sunset and rainbow. For real.