Riding in an Elevator with Your Future CEO

Just suppose sometime in the near future you are riding and in strides (because, if you’ve never met one, that’s exactly what they do: stride) the CEO of a company you really wanted to work for. You have the next few floors to tell him or her who you are and what you want to do. What would you say?

Thinking about your “elevator pitch” will help you in many different career arenas including networking and will also support you in answering the interview question, “Tell me about yourself.”

Your Personal Marketing Statement (or Elevator Pitch) should include the following 3 things:

1. What you are looking for in the way of employment?

2. What are the skills that you possess that would relate to this job?

3. What specific background you bring to the position?

Your elevator pitch should be a brief and valuable statement you always have at the ready so that when you meet potential employers, participate in information interviews, or are speaking with other new contacts you present as a focused, clear and visionary person. The other wonderful thing about an elevator pitch is that it is by nature dynamic. As you evolve and it evolves with you. Your career will likely shift in focus as time goes on, if not change completely at least once along the way, so be sure to get back into your elevator scenario throughout your career and revise your pitch as your work experience, needs and desires change.

You have an exciting, limitless future ahead of you. Take it one elevator at a time and fully live the ride. Going up!