Your Champions

I have a few friends who whenever I am with, I come up with big ideas. Some I follow through with, some I don’t. Regardless, when I walk away from them, I feel alive and full of creative energy. What is it about some people that ignites us?

I call the creative champions in my life “my tribe.” They are the people who I feel at my best with and who remind me of what is important. When I get in scarcity mode they remind me to be abundant. They remind me (sometimes gently and sometimes firmly) that I am enough, do enough and that there is enough to go around. They are the people who, regardless of what happens in the future, will support me.

This weekend I was having a crisis of confidence and I phoned my friend Shannon. In the morning she reminded me of my role in the world and validated how I was feeling. In the evening she called to check-in and reminded me of this powerful quote by Richard Bach:

In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime …walk your own path, as you please.

Who are your creative champions? Who forms your tribe? Who are the people that safeguard your ideas? Who cheers you on? When life gets turbulent, know who they are and seek them out. Ask them: “What am I good at? What do you see as my strengths? What do you see that I might not? When do you notice that I am my most vibrant?”

When in doubt – put out the call to your tribe. Ask them to rally around you, brainstorm with you, to stay with you, to be patient with you. Tell them what you need; ask them what they think. And then, when life settles down again – treat them to tea!