Reimagine 90 – Cause one-third of new hires ended up quitting in the first six months…

Studies show that no matter what side of the interview table you sit on, what happens in the first 90 days after the job becomes official sets the tone for both success and failure. Whether you are – or represent – the employer or you are the newly minted employee, how the first three months play out literally make or break the professional relationship. Despite knowing this, many employers and job seekers end up in revolving door situations with staff and jobs as they try to find the best match.

So, in Victoria’s economy where, across most sectors, there are more jobs than qualified people to fill them, how can it possibly go wrong?

Consider the results of the survey BambooHR conducted in February 2014:

·       One-third of the 1,000 respondents said they had quit a job within six months of starting it

·       Between 16-17% of respondents left between the first week and the third month of starting their new job

·       Of those respondents who left within the first six months, 23% said “receiving clear guidelines to what my responsibilities were” would have helped them stay on the job

·       21% said they wanted “more effective training”

·       17% said “a friendly smile or helpful co-worker would have made all the difference”

·       12% said they wanted to be “recognized for [their] unique contributions”

·       9% said they wanted more attention from the “manager and co-workers.”

What is so enlightening about this from a Reimagine Work perspective is that approximately one-third of new hires who ended up quitting in the first six months stated they’d had barely any onboarding or none at all; and 15 percent of respondents noted that lack of an effective onboarding process contributed to their decision to quit.

How Reimagine Work can help:

REIMAGINE 90: Onboarding Coaching for You as a New Hire

This customized package helps individual clients get the support they need in the first three months in a new job or work place – 90 days of coaching to gain that critical early momentum.

This package includes:

·       4 one-to-one coaching sessions to provide you greater capacity during your first 90 days

·       A personalized transition roadmap to get you up to speed in your new role

·       Leading With Your Strengths assessment — Objective insights about the unique strengths you bring to your role and how to use them optimally to both lead your team and/or join a new team of colleagues

·       A plan to help you build lateral relationships within your organization quickly and authentically

·       Identifying the key influencers around your new position/role and how to leverage those relationships

·       How to spot and make those important ‘early wins’ in your new job


REIMAGINE 90: Onboarding Coaching for Employers

This package is for anyone who leads a team in both the public and private sector. It is designed to help employers create a welcoming, effective and efficient onboarding process for new hires that puts them on a track to succeed and to stay.

This package includes:

·       Development of an onboarding process for the first 90 days unique to you and your organisation 

·       Develop a new staff orientation that meets the needs of your workforce

·       Strategies to onboard current staff members to make sure your employees have the information they need and understand their workplace culture.

Give me a call and we can reimagine a new way to improve your first 90 days at work.