If Only Ravensburger Did Careers

A career is like a puzzle. In the beginning, there are so many decisions and pieces it can be hard to figure out what to focus on first. But then you start by creating a plan (or giving it your best guess) and your journey begins. Sometimes people start a puzzle by doing the outside pieces first. They may be self- employed or choose to work at start-ups as consultants. Others will sort the pieces into colours – choosing a company, or a field. But nothing happens until that first piece connects to the second. Only then does the puzzle come together at the speed of the time and energy you spend on it. In my career I have been both on the outside edges as a consultant and in a system as an employee. For me, right now, I am deciding what to do next – which piece to pick up that kicks it all off.

As a Career Coach and HR Consultant, I am at what in the business we call a “career crossroad” – a time in your career when, for whatever reason, you find yourself asking the same 3 questions: who am I? where am I going? and with whom?

I'm not sure of the full picture of my work future yet but I promise you this: it will be about coaching people to find work that is the best match for them and supporting organizations who actively back people doing meaningful work. I see fresh, powerhouse partnerships forming, and I see no limit to what can be achieved through them. This is a time when I start a new puzzle and I can’t wait to see what picture emerges from all the exciting pieces.