I have been working on the concept for my new consulting company: Reimagine Work. As part of the process, I’ve been working on a letter that explains the “why” of this new direction for me. I wrote a first draft in July and sent it to a friend. Here is how she responded:

Don't rush it. Play with the writing. Have fun! Let your voice come out. There is no boss to edit or tell you that it's not good enough. Get your child-like wonder on and make it feel Jossy! 

And I cried. Because what she wrote IS the why.

That is why I want to reimagine work.  We all want workplaces to support people to be their authentic, valuable self. I think about the person sitting at their desk so bored (or worse so anxious) and longing for something more, longing for the courage to pursue work that is meaningful them, and not knowing how to go about it. Not knowing there are professionals out there like me who are there to support them as they leap and help them to land where they most want to be.

I think about the companies led by people who don’t let employees know that their work matters, who don’t give them the tools they need to be successful, and who micromanage the initiative, creativity, and talent out of their staff. I want to support a change with that tired system – work, reimagined.

Reimagine Work is an agent for that change. Reimagine Work integrates the needs of the organisation with the true professional development of their people. It’s a fancy way of saying: it’s people living their work and no longer just working to live.

Although it works for some, one of the reasons people come to see me is they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives doing work they don’t love.  They don’t want to be leaders who leave their people uninspired or overworked. They don’t want to be employees who are just putting in time until 5 pm.

If you recognize yourself, or your organization, in any part of the above, give me a call.  Let’s get reimaging your work or workplace together. Learn more at Reimagine Work