Ready to create work you love in 2019?

I’ve had many clients who have a hard time thinking about the kind of work they are really after. To help them better understand what they want, I get them to do a visioning exercise.

Visioning for future work is important for a couple of reasons:

First, as Robin S. Sharma wrote in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” For the change we want to take place we have to have a vision, or a road map, linking our mind to our reality.

Second, life will present a series of opportunities. What we say yes and no to are equally important, as is the timing of the opportunities. Having a clear sense of what is important to you ahead of when the time comes to make a decision will be invaluable to making the right one.

So, I’m asking you to write like no one is reading…answer the following as honestly as you can. Don’t overthink your answers, write whatever comes. Then look at your responses as the beginning marker on your 2019 road map. Notice all the new places you can go.

What type of work brings you joy?

Describe your ideal work environment?

What is most important in your day to day work?

How will you know when you have created the ideal work situation?

What will you notice?

How many hours do you want to work each day?

How many hours do you want to work each week?

How many free days do you want to take each week?

How many vacations do you want to take each year?

How much money do you need to survive each month?

How much more money do you need on top of your basic expenses to feel you have enough?

Ready for the next step? If you are a person that wants to find fulling and purposeful work in 2019 we can do that together in a 2-hour vision session. January vision spaces already filled, and only minimum February spots left . Call now to create work you love in 2019.