Taming Our Limiting Beliefs

I work with an executive who is making six figures and supporting her family as a single mother, and has a value around stability, but she hates her job but really believes that she can’t leave it because of her family. Her perception is that she cannot make a VP salary at any other company. This is what she says stands in in her way of moving into fulfilling work.

You Don’t Have to Swing at Every Pitch

My dad took me to lots of Blue Jay baseball games when I was growing up. I am not a baseball expert, but I do understand an important element of the game: deciding if/when to swing. The pitcher throws and the batter has to decide whether it is a good pitch. It’s coming across the plate and if it’s in the sweet spot and the batter knows he/she can hit it: swing! If it isn’t right or the pitch is poor the batter won’t chance it.

Riding in an Elevator with Your Future CEO

Just suppose sometime in the near future you are riding and in strides (because, if you’ve never met one, that’s exactly what they do: stride) the CEO of a company you really wanted to work for. You have the next few floors to tell him or her who you are and what you want to do. What would you say?

Thinking about your “elevator pitch” will help you in many different career arenas including networking and will also support you in answering the interview question, “Tell me about yourself.”