Reimagine Work’s individual coaching sessions are tailored to a client’s unique needs and are shaped by personal goals. I design a customized program or adapt a current package (see below) to guide our work together and help bring your aspirations to fruition. 

Career Transition Coaching

  • Are you in a line of work that is no longer satisfying you and your aspirations?

  • Is your inner voice speaking louder and louder about making a change?

  • Are you longing for something more fulfilling in your career, but are struggling to visualize it?

  • Have you identified a career dream or ”ideal job” but put it on the backburner?

Career aspirations to become more satisfied with work, make a change, pursue the “dream job” can easily get pushed aside.  Reimage Work’s one-to-one, in-depth, solution-focused coaching helps you galvanize your career aspirations into action. Together we plan effective transitions and ensure you are supported when you take your strategic steps. Choose from three individualized coaching packages to fuel your career transition:

Career Advancement Coaching

  • Are you transitioning to a new role or starting a new job?

  • Do you feel you need to identify your strengths and learn how to use them more effectively?

  • Do you want to improve your performance at work?

  • Are you looking to accelerate your leadership development?

Reimage Work’s executive one-to-one coaching helps you build on your strengths, leadership, and future goals. Together we design, implement and support specific and meaningful changes in your professional life. Choose from two individualized career coaching packages to fuel your professional advancement:

I absolutely loved working with Jocelin and would recommend her as a career coach to anyone who needs one. Jocelin helped me focus and frame my job search. She always kept things positive and motivational. I also really appreciated her strengths-based approach. Overall, I would say her coaching was invaluable.
— Felicity

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