Jocelin Caldwell

Seasoned Coach, Workplace Facilitator
and Believer in People

I am a passionate Career Coach and Human Resources Consultant (not a formal therapist with a couch). This gives me an objective, professional, fresh viewpoint to help clients unveil their career aspirations and work through challenges.

For me, nothing is more rewarding than connecting people to meaningful work and the workplaces they will thrive in. I also love supporting good workplaces as they transition into great ones. Building on my vibrant and diverse background in recreation and youth leadership development, human resources, and career development, I bring high-level energy, a wide range of experience, and laser focus to every workday. I am dedicated to helping people pursue their dreams, to fostering purposeful connections within teams, and to linking organizations with the best candidates for their positions.

After completing my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Victoria, I went on to train as an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. I attained two additional designations: Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) and Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP). I have been a coach, recruiter, and facilitator for over 50 different local and international organizations. I have spent more than 12 years as a Human Resource and Program Management generalist with experience in recruitment and selection, terminations, return to work, policy development, and performance management. 

I am an active volunteer in my community and enjoy participating in a number of charities. I love running special events such as Soul Sessions and facilitating the mentoring portfolio for the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHRBC). In my free time you will find me on a Hornby Island beach or somewhere outside with my family.

Jocelin is an experienced and skilled Human Resources professional. Jocelin uses her professional experience to give you insightful advice which translates into a competitive edge when applying to and competing for positions. Her style is honest, to the point, practical and encouraging. Combine this with your own hard work and expect to achieve your goals.
— Katharine

Wondering how I can help? Contact me or call 250-885-8503 to start the conversation.