Career Breakthrough Package

5 one-to-one coaching sessions designed to help you implement a plan for your career breakthrough. Great package if you are still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up or you're ready for a change and want support to make it happen.

The Career Breakthrough Package is all about what is most important to you and your career development. You will:

  • Explore future career options and opportunities

  • Use a variety of assessment tools to help clarify your options, such as strong interest inventory, career profile or strengths assessments

  • Access relevant and personalized Career Development Tools including worksheets, networking and informational interview contacts, recommended reading and networking ideas

  • Learn how to use the tools and reports in the most effective way and to move forward on the right career path

Job Search Strategies Package

6 one-to-one coaching sessions that help develop specific job search skills, ideal for individuals that need specific resume, job search and interview support. This customized package helps you design and implement a job search strategy that fits your unique background and personality.

This customized package helps clients design and implement a job search strategy that fits their unique background and personality.The Job Search Strategies Package will take you through the following steps:

  • Resume and cover letter critique

  • Sourcing leads and an individualized job search plan

  • Personalised interview interview coaching with practice and role playing

  • Development of a solid linkedin profile


1-to-1 Interview Coaching Package

3 sessions that will provide you with strategies to nail any interview.

The personalized 1-to-1 Interview Coaching Package consists of:

  • An initial 30-minute phone consultation

  • A review of job posting and application materials

  • Feedback on resume

  • A 90-minute interview coaching session with mock interview questions, feedback and strategic advice

  • Follow up coaching by email or phone within 30 days

Strengths Discovery for Career Advancement Package

4 one-to-one sessions that will identify your strengths and put them to work advancing your career. This package helps you clarify and articulate your strengths. 

We will use Gallup’s Strengths Finder Assessment to:

  • Set clear goals to support you with career advancement

  • Learn how your natural talents contribute to your success — in the past, present and future

  • Learn how to leverage your talents in the four domains of leadership

  • Learn how your talents influence you – both positively and negatively


The First 90 Days Coaching Package

This customized package helps clients get the support they need in the first 90 days in a new job or work place. Three months of coaching to help you gain that critical early momentum in a new role.

This package includes:

  • 4 one-to-one coaching sessions to provide you greater capacity during your first 90 days

  • A personalized transition roadmap to get you up to speed in your new role

  • Leading With Your Strengths assessment — Objective insights about the unique strengths you bring to your role and how to use them optimally to both lead your team and/or join a new team of colleagues

My experience with Jocelin involved her helping me develop a resume and prepare me for interviews. After Jocelin helped with my resume I got an interview for every job I applied for! The service she provided was exceptional; she is a professional, warm and caring business woman who truly wants to support her clients to be successful. The interview prep was so thorough that by the time I got to the interviews I found all of the questions asked easy to answer honestly and did not feel stressed. Jocelin helped me land my dream job and I am grateful for her help. I would strongly recommend her services to everyone!
— Jo

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