Are you working to live, or living your work?  


Passion is the difference between having a job and enjoying a fulfilling career. Passion is the difference between a workplace where people trade time for money and a work environment people thrive in.

As a professional Career Coach and Human Resources Consultant, my passion is helping people find the work they love, achieve new possibilities in their current positions, or even change careers completely. Clients come to me for different reasons, but in the end — no matter the circumstances — what they have in common is the desire to live work and life to its fullest. They dare to reimagine their work.

Reimagine Work is about helping people find and maintain meaningful careers; it is for organizations that are willing to examine their systems and the ways they lead their talent. Whether personal or organizational, Reimagine Work clients are open to new perspectives, able to hear feedback, receptive to engaging with beliefs and values, and ready for transformation at every level.  

Clients begin the reimagining process by getting clear on where they want to go. I draw on multiple disciplines and years of relevant experience to guide their journey and explore new ideas that might otherwise have stayed on the shelf.


Individual Coaching

Enhance your on-the-job performance, seek new work after an absence, change career direction, improve interview skills, or establish a harmonized work-life ethic. My one-to-one coaching services offer comprehensive guidance to individuals.

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WorkPlace Facilitation

I work closely with clients to complete a detailed needs assessment and design group sessions that meet their specific needs. My workshops strengthen and improve team communication and positively shift dynamics.

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Human Resources

I develop custom solutions, drawing on 12+ years as an HR and Program Management Leader. Clients benefit from my experience in recruitment/selection, terminations, return to work, performance and organizational career management.

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